Corporate Profile


Quente Africa was registered and incorporated in Ghana on 24th January 2014 to provide training, research, consultancy and other business services. Quente Africa is a franchise of Quente V.O.F Netherlands (www.quente.nl) and applies the concept and quality standard developed by Quente V.O.F in execution of all assignments. Quente V.O.F is based in The Netherlands and has developed a specialized training and research approach which has provided an up to date solution to their various clients across the world. Our approach to training, research and consultancy is to provide the best environment for teaching and learning for microfinance workers, development of agents as well as beneficiary clients of microfinance programmes and also for other disciplines in other organizations.


We represent an embodiment of an innovative training, learning and research organization. Our solutions to assignments are:

  • Context driven
  • Evidence based
  • Internationally referenced


Financial institutions serving clients in the informal sector have over time concentrated on assessing the credit worthiness of their loan clients by considering five (5) key points which are the character of the clients, the capacity which is the amount of loan a particular client can handle, capital which is a measure of the assets of the clients that can support them to repay the loan, the collateral the client can provide for the loan and the credit history of the client. This is popularly called the 5c’s in Credit.

Recent observation within the banking industry and other institutions shows that not much emphasis has been placed on the competence of the clients. The competence of any client is a measure of their entrepreneurial knowledge, skills and attitude or personal traits. Entrepreneurial competence is a prerequisite to move from self-employment towards innovation, profit maximization and growth. The limited attention to entrepreneurial competence is due to lack of skill and knowledge about the recognition and stimulation of (latent) entrepreneurial competence of micro-credit clients. Quente Africa’s approach to learning and training is to provide the needed platform to address the lack of training in the areas of entrepreneurial competencies to enable clients to be effective managers of their enterprises.

In our approach, we believe that, two weeks after training, we tend to remember 10% of what we read, 20% of what we hear, 30% of what we see, 50% of what we see and hear, 70% of what we say and 90% of what we say and do ( Edgar Dale, 1969). Therefore in our training section we emphasized on dramatic presentations, simulations and real life experience ( sport light training). These activities maximize participation and implementation of lessons learnt on the field.