What we do

What we do

Bank Officers

Training For Microfinance Officers

We are specialized and our “spotlight” training methodology for bankers/microfinance officers affords them skills and competences that will enable them to identify and develop the entrepreneurial skills of their loan clients for quality loan decisions.

Client Entrepreneurial Development

For Quente Africa, the capacity of the micro entrepreneur is as important as client access to credits. This is because we believe that the performances of the economic enterprise of all micro clients are dependent on their skills competence as well as the economic opportunity available to these clients. Quente Africa offers specialised innovative approach to train micro clients using the tried and tested training model known as the” spotlight”. Our approach is to help improve the entrepreneurial competence of the clients in addition to financial literacy to make them efficient usage of micro credit.

Bank Officers

Research and Specialised Banking Support

Quente provide both qualitative and quantitative research for MFI and their stakeholders to enable them to access their strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and treats which will enable them re-strategize and refocus to maximize profit.

We undertake research into development and finance programmes or projects aimed at providing support to nations to improve the livelihoods of the low and poor income earners. Understanding the country context as a well as the nature of poor and low income clients are important ingredient needed to record positive impact from poverty reduction programmes. Our services include product developments and special project support services.

Our project support services aims at partnering institutions that intends to extend their services and products to African countries without having to physically have their presence in the targeted country.

Quente Africa designed this service to help reduce the set-up and operational cost associated with establishing and running project offices. By the partnership Quente Africa owns the projects and therefore provides the needed monitoring and supervising to ensure that such projects are effectively implemented.